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Magic Pen and Cloth ( Oleh Fajri Raizal K)

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There was a poor little boy,named Berri,who lived with his stepfather and two stepbrothers. His mother was a merchant,who  always left home very early in the morning and arrived home late at night. She never knew that Berri was treated very badly by his stepmother and stepbrotherss. Berry had to do the house chores his self.He had no time to rest until his mother came home.And it’s always run everyday’s,and it will not stop till the mother know it.

..Let the Rose Blown (Oleh Fajri Raizal K)


While the earth tilts in its rotation, you ask yourself why it moves around the axes. When the axes cut down the trees, you deliver a message to prohibit, severe limits, the execution. I do perceive a delineation of how human being accustomed with the surrounding. Nevertheless, why they should act in that complexity to produce and result a crystal clear thought is still overshadowed by mere skepticism.

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Best Friend Forever(Oleh Fista F)

Fajri Raizal K

This is the same day that i’ve ever passed before. Not untill Arief moved to Jerman for continueing his Study. he is my best friend ever in my life. He knows all about me, Even for the smallest things. He does everythings what i want to before i ask him to do so. It’s what i love from him. That day was the 10th year anniversary for our Friendship. Asthe tradition we spent time together, doing stupid things together. After all what we’ve done on that day, i was sureprise when he told me that he’d go far away in 2 days after. at the first i think its just a joke. I just keep silent without giving any comment. He keep telling the reason why he decided to go. And i can’t hold the tears. The one who understand me more than my parent will go and leave me alone. Continue To Read

LOOK TO OTHERS SITE (Oleh Fajri Raizal K)

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Welcome to the new site,here i’ll bring you to the wordl that you never imagine . This is my first post,even it’s only one but i’m feell so happy with this. This is the first project that we have got from our teacher in this semester. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this . Thank’s for visiting.. ^_6.

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