..Let the Rose Blown (Oleh Fajri Raizal K)


While the earth tilts in its rotation, you ask yourself why it moves around the axes. When the axes cut down the trees, you deliver a message to prohibit, severe limits, the execution. I do perceive a delineation of how human being accustomed with the surrounding. Nevertheless, why they should act in that complexity to produce and result a crystal clear thought is still overshadowed by mere skepticism.

I don’t even, not aptitude, to let something complicated uprooting every neat composition of the memories. Even, the memories do not accelerate any improvement to refine human thought. Let be back, to what actually human deserve for. I am not trying to persuade anybody to think in what my perspective suggest me to do. I am just trying to be myself; not ever restricting what the main problems would be, separating away from what the entire world claims of. Clemency and clamor might be spreading to overall dimensional places wherever you hide, leading you to think of something in a very sophisticated way, and for some reason, not trying to fake the fact, you actually are being fooled. I believe that human beings are born to be whatever they are and when you are forced to do what you are not supposed to do, your rights are deviated.

My name is Rogardo, someone that never accepted on their heart. Someone that comes from a darkness, i know it freak,it’s absurd,and it’s sily. Envy brings me there.Their laugh,their pleasure,and everythings they have i want it. But i couldn’t get it. It just leave me here,alone on the darkness. I’am trying to be a good person,but they just ignore me. Till she is comes change everythings on me, she give me warm of love,her laugh,and everythings that i had not  the past.

 “Don’t be too hard to think in the way you are shadowed by any confusion!” Start to think from a very austere object on the earth and you might open a very delicate secret. Here I stand, “Let the Rose Blown! Don’t try to stop it and see where it ends and that point is who you are.”

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