Best Friend Forever(Oleh Fista F)

Fajri Raizal K

This is the same day that i’ve ever passed before. Not untill Arief moved to Jerman for continueing his Study. he is my best friend ever in my life. He knows all about me, Even for the smallest things. He does everythings what i want to before i ask him to do so. It’s what i love from him. That day was the 10th year anniversary for our Friendship. Asthe tradition we spent time together, doing stupid things together. After all what we’ve done on that day, i was sureprise when he told me that he’d go far away in 2 days after. at the first i think its just a joke. I just keep silent without giving any comment. He keep telling the reason why he decided to go. And i can’t hold the tears. The one who understand me more than my parent will go and leave me alone.
Day by day past, there’s a change in all the way. I’ve tried to make myself comfort at this time. Somehow it just wasted and i’m falling deeper. None people knows what my feeling is even my family except Arief. They might think i’m fine with this. With all the facilities that my parent gave, they have to know that i’m not happy as what they thought. I don’t need that things, i just need to have free time together.
Arief and I keep contacting on all socialmedia. Almost all the day we spent at in front of the laptop, ipad or handphone. Texting, calling and video calling never leave by two of us. It’s been 2 years not meet him up directly. How i miss his smile, his laugh, his joking, his face at all his way. Eventhough i’ve found Rina to replace him, but to me He’s still the best. Rina is my classmate in my Senior High School. She is wonderful woman i’ve ever met. Maybe she is not lucky as other which can get all they want from their parent, but Rina has a big willingness and motivation to grab her dream. She has to work by herself to fulfill all the things she need. She never complain and keep doing the best for her family. She teach many things to me, the way how to appreciate something especially live.

A year past without knowing how’s Arief there. Don’t know how this happened, and why he did this to me. What’s wrong? Is he that busy till he can’t give a clue? Oh God, please keep him for me.
Every time, i keep trying send email to him, calling his number, but its useless. Till now i’ve no idea where he is.

Day by day past, Rina and i are in the same faculty and university. We try doing the best for our family by joining many national and also international competition. We became the best couple in winning every scientific competition. Till the time when we’re failed to be the first winner n Jermany Scientific Competition. We both have tried the best, but it’s not easy as what we think of. ” The fact lead us to learn to be the best in the future” that’s what Rina told to make me strong. Yeah, i believe in God, He has better plan than this to make me smile. “Sin, Sintaa”, someone called me from backside. And suddenly i just directly run to him when i see he is. “Arief, is this you?” I hug him tightly. Oh thanks God, you know the way to make me Happy. Tonight is the best night ever in my life. Eventhough i didn’t get the medal, but finally i got back my best friend ever.

Arief, Rina and i decided to be together, filling each day together, doing stupid things together, helping each other, sharing & caring each other, and the important thing is loving each other. Yeah because that’s friend supposed to be and especially Best Friend Forever do.

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